CPU, which is often called just "processor", is an abbreviation for Central Processing Unit. This is the core of each computer or server, due to the fact that it performs each of the calculations and logical input/output procedures. Despite the fact that that the performance of a site or an app depends on other things as well, such as the amount of physical memory or the online connectivity of the server, the rate at which a particular processor operates determines how fast an app shall be executed. Later-generation processors have several cores which can significantly boost their overall power and efficiency, due to the fact that each and every core can take on numerous processes individually or a few cores can handle one process which needs a considerable processing power. As each and every core operates at a certain speed, this architecture can be looked at as numerous independent processors working together.

CPU Share in VPS

The CPU speeds offered by our VPS packages differ dramatically and you can choose the VPS with the most appropriate resources for your websites. When you need a VPS for a single Internet site that doesn't have a lot of visitors, for instance, you can acquire a low-end plan, that'll also be cheaper compared to the high-end packages that come with large CPU quotas and which can certainly match even a dedicated server. We create only several VPS accounts on very effective web servers with 16-core processors, so the CPU share which you will get with your new package deal shall be guaranteed at all times and the performance of your server won't be affected by other virtual accounts on the exact same physical server. Upgrading from one plan to another requires a few clicks from the billing Control Panel and the added CPU share will be allotted to your account straightaway.

CPU Share in Dedicated Hosting

If you choose to buy a dedicated server from our company, you shall be able to choose between a few different plans which have different configurations. This way, you could acquire the best suited package based on your budget and the system resources that you need for your online/offline apps. Our most powerful plan comes with a twelve-core processor that will ensure the incredibly quick execution of any script that you run on the hosting server. Every CPU that we use when we assemble a new hosting server is meticulously tested to make sure that it will operate flawlessly even when there’s an extremely heavy workload. The processor speeds listed on our web site are guaranteed at all times, because you'll be the only one who will utilize the resources of the entire hosting server.